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Posted by N3R3N Oct 20, 2011 My Life

My biggest accomplishment this year is being a certified CNA! I was so happy I made it! I thought I will never be one because it’s a big responsibility but I was wrong.I strive hard and forced myself to the limit.I was working and at the same time went to school everyday and it was really really hard and stressful.I thought I can’t do it because I’ve never done this in my whole life.Work and school together? Oh no! But no matter what the situation is… I just told myself, I gotta get through this for the first step of my future.So I did it and I pass everything including my license and CPR.Thank God and to myself for doing such a good job!  I guess when you really want something in your life and you earn your own money and pay your own school, you are more focus and determined to pass the class than everything being handed to you for free. Well, that just for me because when I was still in the Philippines I was one of those lucky one that grows up being spoiled and handed everything for free from my parents and I’m so so thankful for that.But I’m having a hard time here in America because of that. Here, you gotta be independent and do your own thing by yourself most of the time.Everything changes, seriously, I have to work my ass off to get what I want hahahaha. Anyway, enough about that…Just thought of sharing this experience. I love being a CNA and I take pride of helping others specially to those who are old and disabled.I can say I have such a good heart and is willing to help others that’s why I become a CNA. So yeah, that’s about it for today lol. Don’t wanna keep talking and talking until my post become nonsense hahahah. But  you know what, I think I will slowly open up my life here more often.It seems like I’ve been holding back so much before but now I will treat this as my diary. Alright, goodnight everyone! I will update again soon! Take care and God bless! Big hugss!!


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