Merry Christmas 2011!

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Hi everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging for so long and I know I’m so late but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, if you celebrate the holiday, and a merry weekend if you don’t. I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas as we’re having.  Anyway, I know this is such a short update but I will blog again soon about what we got for Christmas! Take care everyone and God bless!

My Creepy Cake!

Posted by admin Oct 30, 2011 6 comments My Life

Hi everyone! I’ve been very busy this past few weeks so I haven’t been able to blog. One reason that  I’ve been very busy is because I’ve been working on getting a new job. Hopefully, I’ll get it very soon.Well, I’m already in the process of getting it but  still waiting for the background check and I’m good to go. For now I work 8 hours a day but if i get this second  job for sure.I’ll probably cut my hours to 4 on the current job and then work  8 hours to this new job that I wanna be in because they pay much better….so that’s a total of 12 hours a day! Wow, that’s gonna be so tough! Well, who says it’s gonna be so easy when you have two jobs? hahahahaha it’s really  gonna be so so hard but I have to do it so I can save lots of $$$$.Anyway, we just had our Halloween party at work yesterday and we had a contest for making Halloween food.I don’t really celebrate Halloween but I did the cake anyway so I can participate in the contest.So what I did was I copied what Blair did on one of her videos, she’s a popular make up guru on YouTube. Check her out if you wanna see her Halloween cake. So it’s obvious I made a chocolate cake right? hahahaha. I can say I really love how it turned out.It’s so so nice to look at, seriously if you see it in real,it looks creepy but the picture doesn’t do any justice. I know i’m loving my own creation but  it really does look good.Ok, I wanna share how I made it. First you need a  cake mix, chocolate icing, an Oreo, ghost marshmallow, Milano cookies for making a tombstone, plastic spiders and skeleton for decoration. Now when you’re done gathering all the stuff you need.You gotta bake the cake mix first and once it’s cook, gotta spread the chocolate icing  all over the cake and on top of the icing spread the smashed Oreo, ( you gotta take out the Oreo cream individually and smashed it).Now put all the decorations and that’s it! Now you have a creepy cake!  So fast and easy! Alright, that’s about it for today….sorry this is just my short update ahehehe. I’ll talk to you on my next post! Good luck if you’re making the cake!

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