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Nothing at all…


Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, I feel nothing at all.

“I love you so much!
But I hate what you’ve done
I know from here things will never be the same
And things will probably never change
I know what we want
Isn’t exactly what God had planned
Hey it’s all I can do is
Hope you can see the difference
And pray for the best
Please don’t forget me!”
~”Nothing was the same” By:Drake

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Relapse 3: Again…

“The moment you break down crying. You hold everything in until the moment you are finally alone in your room. You go to work, put up with all the people, you have to hold your feelings in and tears until you get home, your relationship with someone has been over long time ago but still hurting, then you have to deal with all the bullshit in life. One problem became something so much more to handle, every little thing in your life is going completely wrong and the moment you finally get time to be alone and catch a breather, you just sit there and break down thinking about everything...

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