It takes a great heart!

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“Loved ones have the greatest ability to hurt us…we are vulnerable because we love them…. Be they your husband/wife, lover, friends or family… Sometimes they don’t realize they have hurt us or how deeply…. Love is fragile and we are not always the best caretakers!! Forgive and love them anyway…. Love the unloveable sides of others…anyone can love a rose but it takes a GREAT heart to include the thorns! #love #greatheart #friends #family #forgive”

Nothing at all…

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Some days, I feel everything at once. Other days, I feel nothing at all.

“I love you so much!
But I hate what you’ve done
I know from here things will never be the same
And things will probably never change
I know what we want
Isn’t exactly what God had planned
Hey it’s all I can do is
Hope you can see the difference
And pray for the best
Please don’t forget me!”
~”Nothing was the same” By:Drake

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