Right love, wrong time!

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In time, the hurt began to fade and it was easier to just let it go. At least I thought it was. But in everything I do and see I only found myself in despair and when the pain is too strong, I’d write just to let my feelings out. Everyday I miss you so much But I never try to see how you are for fear of what I might find. I just want to remember us. The laughers and fun we had. The happiness you made me feel.I didn’t ever want to lose that. I know by now you’d probably gone on with your life and loving someone else. It’s sad how we ended up so fast. Maybe it’s for the best, maybe I am not really for you. No matter how much I want to stay and fight for us, I can’t do anything because you never really loved me or maybe you did but it’s just not strong. I realized that no matter how much you truly love someone, love is not enough. I can’t do nothing when someone or something ends out of my control, the timing is just not ours.I guess we are destined for something or someone greater. Like the song says “We had the right love at the wrong time.” I tried to be positive and hold on to whatever Gods plan. But still I can’t help myself but spent months being unhappy Because I already set my heart on you. I don’t know why but I just don’t listen to my head just going by my heart which was too broken to do me right. Plus with a side of low self esteem I put myself through extra stress and turmoil I just don’t need.I will never ever at least for now let anyone in my heart. I am done. It’s time to heal and rebuild myself again. I have no luck with Love.

Say Goodbye – Katherine McPhee

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If I seem distant, baby, I am
Words are like scissors
in your hands
And there’s no script to follow, so I just close my eyes
That way it won’t hurt so much when we say goodbye

I feel just like an actress
up on the stage
I can’t believe what
I’m hearing myself say
And the porch light is my spotlight, so I play along
with this life
That way it won’t hurt so much when we say goodbye

Did you ever love me?
Does it even matter?
Did you even notice the whole world shatter?
I just want to hold you
and tell you that I’m sorry
but I just keep it all inside
That way it won’t hurt so much when we say goodbye

My heart feels like a circus,
it’s too much to take in
It’s hard to lose love but
you were my best friend

So I walk this high
wire alone tonight
That way it won’t hurt so much when we say goodbye
That way it won’t hurt so much when we say goodbye

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