When you’re ok and content where you are in life because you have God in your side.

You just smile.

Everything happened for a reason.

So trust the process!

Don’t stop believing,

Have faith,

Be a better version of yourself!

Build your dreams again!

Help others,

Always Forgive, have courage and be kind always.

And remember:

“A wise and godly woman knows that if he is leading you away from God, he is not the right one. A good man will lead you closer to the Lord. He will attend church with you, read the word, worship God on a daily basis...

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Good Morning Sunshine!


November 20th at 8:27 A.M.
It’s easy for people to say “move on” because they aren’t the ones who are going through it and hurting! Everybody moves along with life in their own time, some people can get over things quickly, but a lot of us hold onto pain for a long time, just know that’s completely normal. So don’t let anyone rush you or dictate your life. The best thing you can do with your broken self is completely be honest and move on in your own time! #staytrue #staystrong #stayfaithful #behonest #Godisgood

So cry and weep as long as you want!


After months? Years?

He’s over you so ...

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